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What's New :

We are pleased to announce that Steve will be returning to Theatre Three's 'A Christmas Carol', running Nov. 13th through Dec. 26th!

Current / Upcoming Projects

We are pleased to announce that Steve will be returning to Theatre Three's 'A Christmas Carol', running Nov. 13th through Dec. 26th!




Steve makes his Broadway debut!

Steve (center) with Jesse Tyler Ferguson (left) and Jose Llana (right), after appearing as "Contestant #4" in "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" (1/14/06)



"Steve Wangner shines as Bob Cratchit, bringing to life all the warmth and love of Scrooge’s least favorite employee. Wangner had big shoes to fill, replacing Douglas Quattrock who has long held the role. No doubt Quattrock should be proud of his successor who masterfully carried Tiny Tim (portrayed jointly by Ryan Becker and Cameron Turner) upon his shoulders. His family dynamic especially with his wife (Suzie Dunn) and children is wonderfully endearing."

-Michael Tessler, TBR Newsmedia (November 21, 2017)

"The same phenomenon is true of several other expert players in this thirty-member cast, especially Steve Wangner who steps into the protagonist role of Bob Cratchit, (replacing last year’s Douglas Quattrock) with all the sensitivity and charitable nature the counterbalancing part demands."

-Jeb Ladouceur, Smithtown Matters (November 27, 2017)


"'Assassins' makes a stunning Long Island premiere at Cultural Arts Playhouse...at once chilling, tragic and monstrously funny...each assassin is convincingly drawn...Stephen Wangner is deadly serious as Leon Czolgosz, who takes deadly aim...and murders President William McKinley."

-Steve Parks, Newsday (September 29, 2005)


"Among other good moments are 'Who Am I Kidding?,' in which Sam, who owns the Copa, talks himself into rescuing Lola...Stephen Wangner as Sam nearly steals Act II"

-Steve Parks, Newsday (April 8, 2005)


"Stephen Wangner, who plays three roles and three genders (male, female, and somewhere in-between), is especially funny"

-Michael Bracken, Newsday (Jan 10, 2003)


"In the critical role of Iago, Stephen Wangner...settled into a convincing and entertaining portrayal"

-Michael Bracken, Newsday (Aug 16, 2002)


"Besides Lord Alfred, the only character who wears the same hat, so to speak, throughout is Wilde, played with a convincing blend of arrogance and naivete by Stephen Wangner. His Wilde is at once a man who knows it all but hasn't a clue."

-Steve Parks, Newsday (Jan 20, 2000)

"Wilde, played with great passion by Stephen Wangner"

-Mark Donnelly, TotalTheater.com (February 2000)


"Stephen Wangner makes an exquisite foil as the yellow-stockinged, cross-gartered fool Malvolio"

-Steve Parks, Newsday (Aug 8, 1997)


"the dialogue, convincingly delivered in this taut Arena Players production, sounds natural enough that we might well recognize things we have said or thought about race relations ourselves...Stephen Wangner's Weinberg grows from a pathetically cowed figure when he first encounters Aldridge in the jury room of a Chicago court to a stubbornly proud liberal whose moral indignation matches his adversary's"

-Steve Parks, Newsday (Feb 23, 1996)




Reverend Wangner's most current sermon

In Matthew chapter 9, verses 10 through 13, we hear a story about Jesus dining with tax collectors and sinners. When asked why he was eating with them, he responded : "It is not those that are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means : 'I desire compassion, more than sacrifice.'"
The significance of this is too often overlooked. There are many, many places in the New Testament when Jesus calls for sacrifices, but here he says, "I desire compassion, more than sacrifice." Here he places compassion above sacrifice.

The definition of compassion is "Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it". This is where we must start. We need to have compassion, and not just for people it's easy to have compassion for. We need to have compassion for all people, even those who are our enemies, and those who wrong us. If they are suffering, relieve their suffering. If they have grievances, address their grievances.

Only when we have this compassion, only when we do these things, will we have the quality that Jesus, in these verses, places such a high value on.

Reverend Wangner is a fully ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. The Universal Life Church is interfaith and non-denominational. It promotes freedom of religion, and its principal tenet is to "Do That Which Is Right". The responsibility to determine what is right is the individual's, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others and is within the law.

Reverend Wangner is based in Huntington, New York, on Long Island, and is available for officiating ceremonies such as :

  • Weddings (traditional or non-traditional)
  • Commitment ceremonies
  • Baptisms
  • Absolution
  • Funerals

Reverend Wangner's ordination is fully recognized by every State in the United States. For weddings, additional time may be required in some States, due to the fact that some States require ministers to register with the State/County Clerk and/or obtain a license before performing marriages.

Many other ceremonies/duties are available. Please contact Reverend Wangner here for further information.

If interested in having Reverend Wangner officiate a ceremony, please contact the Reverend far enough in advance to allow for planning, especially if travel is involved.

Visit the Universal Life Church official site here.


Shockingly, to those that know me, I have nothing to say at the moment.